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For bride Abbey Ramirez-Bodley, the traditional wedding dress was not an option for her special day. Today, Abbey and many like-minded brides seek out unique alternatives for wedding gowns to amaze their guests. For Abbey, it was a hand crocheted gown accented with a green underdress that was handmade by herself and her aunt - which got national attention. But for many other brides who are not as crafty, there are a variety of unique styles out there that fit any personality. For those blushing brides seeking individuality, here are some alternatives for you.



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It’s not only the bride that’s suiting up! Jumpsuits are a great alternative to the frilly gown as they allow full comfort and are perfect for boogying on the dance floor.



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Piecing two or more items of clothing together for your gown allows the ultimate range of individuality. For more formal occasions, a button-up suit in unique colors and prints will amaze. For the less formal and more party-oriented events, opt for a button-up paired with some snazzy suspenders.

The Non-White Gown


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Still want to wear an amazing dress, but not in the average white? Go like Abbey and sport a dress in your favorite color or print that will give some individuality to your special day.


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