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The new fad? Everyone’s adding butter to their coffee! But why? 

If you enjoy creamer or sugar in your morning cup of joe, you may want to get on board with this new fad. People are now adding butter to their morning coffee! This new coffee craze sounds peculiar but it can actually have some health benefits, if done properly. 

People are adding butter to their coffee because... it can boost energy and help you lose weight! But the butter and coffee you use is very specific. The butter has to be unsalted and grass-fed and you can add that to any coffee.

Serious butter coffee sippers add their butter to coffee that’s low in toxins with MCT oil. Very few brands meet this requirement and butter has healthy fats that will keep you going for hours. And what about the taste? It’ll probably be the creamiest coffee blend you’ll ever have! People who have tried it say it takes like a latte. Well... that’s cheaper than Starbucks!

It also can keep you full and satisfied. But be careful to not add too much butter or drink too much of it because you can make yourself sick. Grass-fed butter has the most nutrients so whip those types of butter brands into your coffee. If you hate the bitter taste of coffee, the butter can actually cut that taste out. 

But health professionals caution this new trend because butter is high in cholesterol and saturated fat and butter coffee should not be used as a meal replacement, which is what many people use this new coffee pick-me-up for. Have you tried adding butter to your coffee?

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