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The newest cleanse fad is the ice cream cleanse diet, but is it healthy? According to sources, people are losing weight by eating ice cream and only ice cream for almost a week straight. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Experts say as yummy as it sounds, it isn’t that healthy. An ice cream parlor in Venice, California recently offered the four-day ice cream cleanse to those with a sweet tooth and looking to lose weight. But, what are the downfalls? 

Can Ice Cream Help You Lose Weight?

This California-local ice cream shop recently offered a four-day ice cream cleanse and people who did the cleanse said they actually lost weight. Their ice cream is organic, raw, and coconut-based (which means the ice cream is non-dairy), but it does contain honey.

Customers got five servings of ice cream a day in flavors such as Orange Crème and Master Cleanse (which has lemon, cayenne pepper, and honey) for $220. For that price, they also received a daily yoga class at the studio next door to the shop.

But the problem, experts say, is that because you are limiting your diet so much, you are missing out on essential nutrients that the ice cream just cannot provide. Also, anytime you eat less, you are likely to lose weight but many people who did the ice cream cleanse gained the weight they lost back. 

The cleanse consisted of coconut yogurt, orange crème, dark chocolate with Himalayan fire salt, the master cleanse and bee pollen, cinnamon and raw honey flavors. As kids, eating ice cream every day would have been a dream come true! But for now, you may want to just eat ice cream in moderation. 

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