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The need for protection from unwanted pregnancies has grown past abstinence methods on to hormonal regulators: modern birth control. Users take a daily pill to avoid monthly periods for eight months of the year to evenly regulating their cycles.

Planning a baby or not?

However 62 percent of the population no longer uses hormonal contraception in order to avoid it's potential negative side effects. Instead many women have opted to chart their periods to determine their “safe sex from unwanted pregnancies” days. Statistics show that one in three women are using the “rhythm method” for birth control.

Accuracy for avoiding sex during ovulation is key to they rhythm method's success. Since 2000, the market for fertility management technologies has increased by more than 50 percent. With this in mind, Daysy is a new method of understanding fertility peak points to either avoid or in fact opt for pregnancy.

There are two scientifically proven ways to detect fertility in a women. One is the rhythm method, which tracks your menstrual cycles, so you can abstain from unprotected vaginal sex when you’re most likely to become pregnant. The other is symptom-based awareness. Basal body temperatures, cervical mucus and cervical position can be monitored to determine fertility.

According to COO of Daysy, Jessica Greiger, “When used correctly, fertility awareness methods are as or more, effective than: cervical caps, the sponge, spermacides, and withdrawl."  Daysy is one of the most accurate, all-natural fertility management solutions on the market. Daysy is a fertility monitor that tracks and learns your menstrual cycle. It will show you if you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3 percent, and is all natural with no side-effects.

Products like these are streaming into the marketplace, helping both achieve wanted pregnancies and avoiding unwanted ones as well.

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