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Crunches alone will not give you a flat belly. The muscles that work during a crunch start at the rib cage and attach down to the pelvis. The wrapping muscles of the obliques and transverse abdominals are the ones that really flatten out the waistline. Try these great moves for a flat belly.

Reverse Crunches


Although crunch is in the name, this reverse curl move helps engage the lower portion of the muscle. Key to this move is that the hip flexors don’t engage because the knees are slightly bent. Focus on drawing the belly into the floor and curling the hips upward.

Side Bend


If you want to get rid of those muffin tops, this exercise hits the obliques hard with a side move lean. Make sure you exhale as you lean to the side.

Side Plank Rotation


Plank movements are great for core stability. Adding the rotation of the hips into this move makes all the core muscles work together.

Side Lying Obliques


One of the best oblique roll up moves you can do—it’s not cheating to roll up on the elbow to complete this movement. Perform 20 to 30 of this move on each side.

Standing Diagonals Wood Chop


Whether you use a medicine ball, kettle bell or free weight, this move helps connect the upper and lower body in a rotational pattern that hits the waistline.


Looking to target a specific zone in your next work out? Make sure to check out our WorkoutPal to find the perfect work out for you! 

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