The One Purse You Need Now1The best purse for all of your best occasions! 

With all the different options out there, there is one purse that you need now. It is ideal for formal occasions, dates and casual events. Box clutches is the best option for all three of these occasions! Head to any accessories store and you will see numerous options for this stylish and chic purse. Do you own a box clutch? Tell us why you love it! 

Box Clutch Purses 

While box clutch handbags are great for all occasions and seasons, there is no better time to own one than during the fall and holiday season. Box clutches provide enough room for makeup, money, credit cards and cellphones. The best part? They are usually hard cased so there’s no need to worry about your belongings being damaged or crushed. 

They come in a number of sizes and designs. We love larger jeweled accented box clutches. They really make a statement for any ensemble. Textured box clutches are also a great classic option. Look for a bold, neon colored box clutch to give any dark ensemble a little pop of color. A very practical look is going for a box clutch with a little strap so you can hang it on your wrist. 

From inexpensive to designer, box clutch purses are all the rage now so snatch one up and rock it at your next formal event! 



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