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As a parent, you care deeply about your child's future. And that means making sure they have all the tools and education they need to accomplish their goals! One thing that's certainly going to help them succeed is a knowledge of programming or coding - whether or not your son or daughter chooses to go into an STEM field, the mindset and habits that learning how to program or code at a young age will be beneficial to them in the future. And here's why...

Programmers Have Long Term Career Security

In fact, coding or programming is probably the most in-demand skill set of the 21st century, making an early background in the skills necessary for jobs in software, engineering, or other STEM fields really valuable. And doesn't that put your mind more at ease in regard to your kid's future? 

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After all, coding skills are just as important as basic writing skills in the digital age, and that will only be more true in the future. Plus, some of engineering or programming is pretty necessary for any kind of innovation; good ideas are great and important, but it's the people who execute on that knowledge and bring those ideas to life that are truly valuable. And more and more often, those people are programmers, engineers, and STEM professionals. 

It's A Fun Way To Get Your Kid Thinking About The Future

Most children aren't thinking further ahead than perhaps the next weekend, or maybe summer vacation. But it never hurts to get them thinking about what they'll want to be and do when they grow up. Besides, talking about career goals can be fun in the moment! If your kid is still in the "I want to be a fireman/astronaut/pilot/paleontologist/race car driver" phase, explaining how an understanding the basics of coding can help them get there can be excellent motivation to learn.Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.23.13 PM Cropped

Intellectual Dexterity Starts Young

Which is why it is so important to get kids started early with activities that improve their logical, lateral, and spatial thinking. For instance, something like building and programming a Jimu Robot. These smart robots help your kids engage in hands-on STEM learning and 3-D engineering at a young age (since Jimu Robots are meant for kids between the ages of 8 and 14), which helps them develop habits and mental processes that will only benefit them in the future, even if they go on to study and work in different fields.

That kind of intellectual dexterity and structured way of thinking can be applied in so many ways that you'll never think of, from looking at everyday tasks in a new way to being able to solve complex problems - or take an idea, plan and problem-solve, and turn it into a real life product or application. And then share it with the world! 

Developing Real World STEM Skills

And that ability to bring ideas and solutions to life through planning and problem solving is such a vital capability - both right now and even more so as your kid grows up. They'll be taking their ideas and using basic coding and programming to make them come to life in the form of their own customized machine. 

And by come to life, we mean building a robot completely from the ground up, piece by piece using 3-D programming instructions. Once they've built their robot, they can use the Blockly coding method via the accompanying smartphone or tablet app and intuitive Pose-Record-Play programming to create unique behaviors and really take command of their robot. It's fun, creative, and an incredible introduction to the STEM realm, in the form of one fun project or activity.

Programmers Are The Future's Most Valuable Players

Programming is one of the most valuable skills in today's economy, and it will only continue to grow in importance in the future - and don't you want to set your kid up to be an MVP? A lifetime interest in robotics, programming, engineering, and other STEM fields certainly doesn't hurt either. And that's why we think Jimu Robots are way more than mere toys - they are investments in your child's future!



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