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If your kids play team sports of any kind, chances are you've had to bring at least one snack to games or practices. And while oranges and Gatorade might be a halftime standard, you might want to win extra points (at least with the other kids and their parents) by switching it up a bit. And may we suggest...fruit!

Why Fruit Is The Perfect Team Snack

Fruit works as a half time snack for a number of reasons - mainly because it has plenty of nutrients along with water for some hydration and energy! The most important thing is mid-game hydration of course, and since fruit naturally lacks salt and has some water, it's a great snacking choice. Plus it's typically easy to digest, easy to pack for away games, and naturally yummy!

Fruit Works As A Backup For Individuals Too

Even if they prefer solo sports, your kids still need healthy, energy-boosting snacks to keep them going, and playing or practicing at the peak of their abilities! So really, fruit cups and similar snacks are excellent supporting players for your future stars of the track, pool, rink, or stage.

Fuel Their Healthy Activity With Del Monte®

Participating in sports might be one of the most valuable activities your kid can engage in, and you owe it to them to make sure they have the right fuel to perform at their best. And that's where Del Monte Fruit Cup snacks can be an excellent back-up, alternate, or 12th man, making them an excellent half time treat.


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