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Pre-game nutrition and energy are important, and so are half-time snacks! However, the one thing that can easily slip by even the most health-conscious parents is the importance of post-game refueling and refreshment for even the littlest athletes. They might only be in t-ball or youth soccer, but that doesn't mean you can't feed them like the future superstars they are!

Pre-Game Packing For Post-Game Treats

It might be tempting to pull over for fast food or skip the post-game meal all together depending on the time of day and your (probably jam-packed) schedule, but that's not alright for your little athlete! In order to be at their best on game day, your kids need to get the right kind of fuel before, during, and after the big game or performance.

Replenish And Hydrate With Fruit

Like half-time snacks, the goal of a post-game treat or snack should be two-fold. First, your kids need hydration. They should drink plenty of H2O, but they should also eat something that's got additional water in it - like fruits or veggies.

Second, you need the kind of healthy nutrients and carbohydrates - not all carbs are bad, particularly if you're feeding a growing athlete - that will keep their energy levels up and help them refuel for the next game or practice. And a healthy serving of fruit fits the bill in that regard as well.

Why Fruit Might Be The Perfect Post-Game Choice

Fruit is a natural way to help hydrate your little star player, and it can be pretty simple to supply them with the nutrients and energy they need if you pack the proper snacks. For example, we think they’ll love the real fruit juice and delicious flavors of a Del Monte Fruit Cup snack - along with the energy it gives them! And as a parent, you'll love giving your kids the vitamins and nutrients they need after a tough game. Great taste and healthy carbs in one perfect little plastic cup, courtesy of our sponsor Del Monte!


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