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the-power-of-female-partnershipsPhoto Credit: Reuters 

There's no question that professional women are powerful. But when they partner up with other women of high status, what makes them so incredibly successful? Why does their style of corporate tag-teaming work so well? Women like Amy Poehler and Tina Fay as well as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are just some examples.

In their book, Power Through Partnership: How Women Lead Better Together, Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas explore the lack of female power duos in America and talk about the barriers women face when going into business together. Polk and Chotas also talk about why female power couples work well in society.

1. Flexibility
There is no doubt that most women who work or stay at home know how to be flexible. This skill comes in handy when balancing board room dynamics, taking care of a sick child or filling in for one another when life gets too busy. According to Polk and Chotas, “Women in partnership know how to step up or step back depending on what’s needed in the moment.”

2. Confidence
Polk and Chotas have identified how and why issues relating to self-confidence impact women differently than men. They have also identified how having a female partner in a professional situation can build skills and reinforce strengths. According to the book, “When you say yes to combining your skills with those of a respected peer, you need to first acknowledge that you’re bringing valuable skills and perspectives to the partnership. After all, your partner is choosing you for good reasons.”

3. Freedom
For women in the working world, partnering with another woman can allow you to bring all aspects of yourself to the table. If you broke up with your boyfriend, feel your monthly cycle coming on, or are stressing about the pressures at home, your female partner is likely to understand and give you some room to behave accordingly.

Overall, the book is centered on the benefits and dynamics of female partnerships. By exploring a topic like this, it's likely more women will be motivated to partner up and reconsider their strengths. 

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