look-thinner-and-younger-in-the-right-braWe all have our bra stories. And really, ladies, the need for a bra is not going to go away no matter how small or large "the girls" are. Here are tips for wearing the right bra. 

Finding the right bra can be a challenge. And if you are like me, you don't like to spend a lot of time obsessing about it. After all, there are all kinds of "rocking" clothes out there for us to be shopping for. But the bottom line is, wearing the right bra size can celebrate your curves, make you look like you have lost weight, and help you feel beautiful and put together. So, how is it that wearing the right bra is so important? Here's why.

How Should a Bra Fit?

If you are like many women, you have rarely, if at all, had a professional bra fitting. Many of us would rather not bare ourselves in front of a complete stranger to fulfill what we perceive to be a minor wardrobe staple. However, many women have found (including myself), that being fitted right saves a lot of frustration and money. Frustration in that any bra purchased without a fitting ends up riding up, cutting into your shoulders or spilling out "the girls."

Find a bra fitter. There are many stores out there that have certified bra fitters. And, getting fitted for the right bra does not necessarily mean that you have to bare all. Many measure over your shirt. And these women have had training. Expect to get excellent customer service, as bra fitters will likely have you try on different styles based on your preferences and shape.

Tips for Finding the Right Bra

1. Focus on Fit

A good bra should hold the breasts about level with your arm pit. Nothing lower or sagging, and nothing grazing your chin. There should be no bulges anywhere whatsoever. The bands should not be cutting into your shoulders and your strap should not be riding up in the back. A bra fitter will be able to see any potential problems and suggest the right bra. Furthermore, she will have you try on different styles to your liking.

2. Be Willing to Splurge

Don't be afraid to spend a little more on the right bra. Investing more money means the bra has been made more painstakingly and is probably more durable. The clothes you purchase will look better. A good bra is a necessary, foundational clothing necessity.

3. When You Find One You Like, Buy Multiple Colors!

Once you have found the right bra, select several in neutral colors for regular wear. Many department stores have specials when buying more than one. And pay attention to the washing instructions. Hand washing is the key. Many bras have memory foam, gel, or lotion-enhanced cups designed to enhance your original shape. Many are heat-stitched which means if you put that bra in the dryer, it's ruined.

We challenge you to go to a bra fitter and see what a difference wearing the right bra makes. You will feel much happier as a whole if "the girls" are content!

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