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It's pretty obvious that your diet has a major impact on your digestive health; after all, what goes into any system affects its performance and output, so why should your digestive system be any different?

And as a woman, your digestive health or sensitivities might be affected by your menstrual cycle (or vice versa). Clearly, there's a need to understand how your digestive health affects you as a woman - and the ability to create and consume the right kind of diet puts you in the driver's seat. 

Your Diet Puts You In Control

At least in regard to your day-to-day digestive health, in many cases. (Of course, consult a doctor if you have any questions about what you should or shouldn't be eating and how that affects any medical conditions you might have.) In fact, what you eat is probably the factor that's the easiest to control on your own sans significant medical intervention. 

Putting the right things in your body is the foundation, of course, and that starts with understanding what foods or ingredients affect you negatively and how to avoid them. And depending on your doctor's input and advice, it might also start with going on an elimination diet or eating low FODMAP meals for a while to figure out what types of fuel aren't ideal for your engine, so to speak. 

Nutrition That's Gentle On Your Stomach

If you already have digestive sensitivities, you probably are all too aware of the effects that your diet has on your system, whether it just means you feel uncomfortable for awhile or require more serious treatment like medication or even a trip to the doctor or hospital. However, you can try to mitigate many of the symptoms or problems that stem from digestive sensitivities by paying careful attention to what you include include in your diet - or what type of fuel you put into your system.

That's where knowing what you can eat with little chance of future repercussions is incredibly important, which brings us to the reason for this post. Given the role that your diet plays in your digestive health, it only goes to follow that the type of food - consider it fuel - you eat has a significant effect on the delicate engine that is your digestive system.

Our Sponsor, Your Favorite Fuel

Which is why this post is sponsored by Nestlé ProNourishTM Drinks. This tasty nutritional drink was created in consultation with healthcare professionals as a way for people to get a healthy dose of protein and other nutrients without consuming certain ingredients that may trigger digestive discomfort like glutens or sugar alcohols. To continue with the engine metaphor, you might want to think of it as a specialized type of fuel meant for your particular needs that'll keep everything running smoothly and in an optimal fashion. 

Learn more at www.pronourish.com and download a coupon to try them today!

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