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the-science-of-selfies-revealedWe're in a time of personal information overload.

People share photos, what music they're listening to, even their current location. So it isn't a surprise that "selfies" have become a popular photo op. One research group has found that there is a little more to the personal profile pic than just pouting for the camera though. 

Researchers at SelfieCity.net have found that the selfies you take say a lot more about you than you might have thought.

The study, conducted in several cities including Bangkok, Berlin, Moscow, New York and Sao Paulo, studied all aspects of selfies from the demographics of people taking them to their poses and expressions.

One of the less surprising findings is that women take more selfies than men. Those selfie-taking women are pretty young, with New York’s average age set at 25.3. On the other hand, men posting the infamous Instagram pic tend to be a bit older, with the average age resting around 30.

The big question with a selfie seems to be the posing. Do you tilt the head, pop the hip, or look to the side like your just daydreaming?

Turns out, tilting the head is a common practice for women in selfies. In fact, in New York, the average angle of a head tilt for women is around 11 degrees while men averaged 7.6 degrees.

Happy selfie, sad selfie, mad selfie, sexy selfie - there are a lot of emotions to be portrayed in a selfie too. Researchers took a look at smiles in selfies and ranked each city on a happiness level based on the number of smiling faces. The happiest city? Bangkok with an average smile score of .68.

What are some of your go-to selfie poses? Share them with us on Twitter and Instagram

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