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the-science-of-why-your-kids-cant-resist-frozenPhoto Credit: Disney

Little girls love princesses, especially Elsa, but what makes this film so irresistible? Apparently there’s actually a science to it. This film - the highest grossing animated film of all time - earned $1.2 billion in the box office and has plenty of catchy tunes, awesome characters and a princess plot we love. There’s been plenty of award winning worthy princess stories but what is it about Frozen that makes kids so enamored? Well, science has a few answers. 

Psychologists say kids who love the movie, preschoolers in particular, have an emotional world reminiscent of Elsa’s internal struggle, and like Elsa, these kids are also driven by their impulses. When Elsa says she's afraid that there’s "no escape from the storm inside of me," it resonates with kids.

Also, preschoolers’ imaginations crave excitement and adventure. Children respond to stories with a whimsical realism, and Elsa, who has "ice powers," gives a special appeal. Elsa also has an amazing relationship with her sister, Anna. And at this age, kids have a strong attachment to their families as well. Plus the villain in the story isn’t exactly as "scary" as other animated princess films. But the songs seal the deal! 

Even if you aren’t buying the whole "science thing" to explain why kids love this movie, does it matter why? Doesn’t everyone want to fall in love with a story with loyal families, catchy tunes, feeling free and happy, and finding love? Why do you think your kids are so in love with Frozen?

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