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It looks like a solution has been found for the growing problem of antibiotic resistance - and the cure might all come down to an ancient Viking drink!

Scientists in Sweden have formulated a new drink derived from a “mead” recipe. For those who don't know, mead is an alcoholic beverage made of honey and water that was apparently a favorite of the Vikings and considered a cure for many ails even back then!

The new beverage, known as Honey Hunter’s Elixir, contains lactic-acid bacteria and wild yeasts that in previous studies have been found to be effective against resistant pathogens. Unlike  in commercial honey, the pathogen-killing bacteria and yeasts are not sterilized so that drinkers can reap the full health benefits.

While more tests and research have to be conducted, we are pretty excited about what this breakthrough could mean for global health and countries where antibiotics are not readily available!

We'll drink to that. 

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