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the-truth-about-coconut-oil-revealedIs the coconut oil fad coming to an end?

From replacing butter in favorite vegan dishes to being the finishing touch on a smoothie and even a substance to moisturize hair and skin, coconut oil is the new “it” ingredient.

Still, many remember that just a few years back, coconut oil was pretty much in exile because of its high levels of saturated fat that can be harmful to the heart; causing some to question whether coconut oil is really a healthy substitute or just another unhealthy fad that is on its way out again.

Well, wonder no more.

Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology says that it’s actually a combination both. It all depends on the type of coconut oil you’re using as well as what purpose you’re using it for. 

Brenna told HuffPost Healthy Living, “The older refined-deodorized bleached coconut oil causes rapid and very unhealthy looking rises in cholesterol, for sure, no doubt. There is evidence that that is the case for virgin coconut oil, which is available today, but was not in the 1970s and 1980s when people were using RDB coconut oil.”

Still, virgin coconut oil doesn’t seem to be all that it’s hyped up to be either.  Kristin Kirpatrick MS, RD, LD, manager of wellness nutrition services for the Cleveland Clinic wellness Institute said that while virgin coconut oil prevents Alzheimer's and helps with weight loss, there are still lots of factors left out.

“It has properties that are promising, but we need a lot more research before we can say this is the superfood of 2014.”


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