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Cases of the measles have been surfacing in various areas of the countries including Chicago, New York, and California where the Disneyland outbreak occurred. Now as parents become more concerned with their children being around un-vaccinated kids at school, some celebrity parents are weighing in.

In the past, celebrity parents including Kristin Cavallari, Jenny McCarthy, and Holly Robinson Peete have been skeptical of vaccinations. Kristin Cavallari, mother of two children under the age of three, has not vaccinated her kids due to toxins in the medicine that could pose potential harm.

Similarly, Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete, both mothers of children with autism, have questioned whether vaccinations could be a possible contribution to an autism diagnosis in kids.

Earlier in the year, Cavallari was faced with criticism on Twitter from parents who are pro-vaccination. The former MTV star responded with her reasoning on why she chooses to keep her sons vaccine-free.

More recently, stars like Olivia Wilde and Kristen Bell, both parents of newborns, are voicing their opinions on vaccinating children.

Olivia Wilde, who has 10-month-old son Otis with Jason Sudeikis, shared on social media that she believes in vaccination. Like others, she shared her reasoning by explaining the consequences of going untreated.

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