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the-volunteer-workout-headerWhen lending a helping hand to others, you can do some food for yourself as well. 

If your weekend includes a commitment to family sports or community activities, you won’t want to miss the Volunteer workout. Use your volunteer spirit to put some added exercise into your day. You'll go home feeling great and inject some much needed energy just where it's needed most.

This weekend my daughter’s rowing team raced at the Midwest Rowing Championships. The thing you learn as a rowing parent (or a band parent or a fill-in-the-blank-high-commitment-activity parent) is that you’ll need to do a lot of helping to keep the team operating, fed, hydrated and ready for action.

Why not use all that running around to get in your workout?

On the banks of the river, we pitched a tent, carried coolers and water throughout the day and zipped around getting everyone what they needed. From early in the morning until the last races of the evening, we worked.

What can you do to carry bags, play go-fer, and generally take extra steps to lift and lighten someone else’s load while getting in your own fitness? Dedicate your #33minutes to helping your team.

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