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Water is one of the best beverages you can consume. 



There is nothing more important for survival and more prevalent in our bodies than water.  Yet when it comes to daily life, more people drink everything but water ritually.  They drink coffee, diet pop, fully caffeinated sodas and juices.  Yet if they made the switch to drinking a glass of water after or before every other beverage, they could save approximately more than 400 calories a day in beverage intake. That could add up to a saving of over 40 pounds a year in calories!

Water is Important for Weight Loss

So why is water so important for weight loss? First, it fills you up.  Try drinking two 8-ounce glasses of water before any meal and see if you don't eat less.  Secondly, it helps keep your metabolic systems moving.  Your body has to process anything you take in, and water, thankfully, moves along and cleanses as it hydrates your tissues and organs.  Almost 60% of your muscles in your body are made up of water and almost 70% of your brain is made up of water.  When you have a late night party, you dehydrate your body and your brain is the first to feel it.  Hence a hangover reminds you of the event.

Are You Getting Enough Water?

How do you know if you're not getting enough water?  It's as simple as a trip to the ladies' (men's) room.  The color and odor of what you deposit have a relationship in telling you how effectively you're feeding your body.  Clear and fresh as well as light brown and 6 inches long, are what you should be leaving behind on a daily basis.  If not, drink more water.  Other signs of dehydration are fatigue, light headedness, and in extreme cases flushed skin, heat intolerance, and loss of appetite. 

Water is practically free these days and wont leave a dent in your wallet.  So fill up a glass and drink one now. Don't wait to get it in a bottle at the store. Just walk over to your tap and get healthier.  You just might find yourself losing weight as a side effect.  Small changes can lead to big results.

For more weight loss tips by me, please visit AndreaMetcalf.com.  

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