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    Costume designer Julie Harris passed away on Saturday May 31, 2015. She is recognized for creating costumes for iconic films, such as A Hard Day’s Night, Casino Royale, and Darling. Although she created costumes, the looks Harris created helped define the ready to wear fashions of the '60s and '70s.

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    A Hard Day's Night (1964)

    Harris outfitted the most famous band of the mid-twentieth century, the Beatles, in the films A Hard Day's Night and Help!


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    Darling (1965)

    In 1965, Harris won an Oscar for her costuming in the swinging hit, Darling. The feminine meets mod style still influences fashion folk today.






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    Help! (1965)

    Harris once said, "I must be one of the few people who can claim they have seen John, Paul, George and Ringo naked."

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    Casino Royale (1967)

    Harris added sex and glam to her repertoire with the film Casino Royale.


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    Live and Let Die (1973)

    Aside from making Jane Seymour into the sexiest haute bohemian possible, Harris is credited for styling Roger Moore into that memorable black turtleneck. 

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    After working on an array of projects, including The Great Muppet Caper in 1981, Harris retired in the early '90s to work as an artist. 


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