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The Workout Buddies You Need In Your LifeStrolling into the gym knowing that you’ve got a friend waiting for you solves a lot of problems. You’re more likely to show up, you’re squeezing in valuable social time with your sweat time and you’re going to enjoy your time at the gym a little bit more with a sweaty friend in tow. But just like your workouts, you need a healthy dose of variety in your workout buddies. Suit up in your favorite pair of spandex and add these three types of workout buddies to your speed dial.

The kind who says, “I grabbed you a towel!”

This workout buddy is as punctual as she is prepared. She shows up early so that she can figure out the perfect place to plop down for a 60-minute class so that she has the best angle to see the instructor and to check out her own form in the mirror. While you were meandering to class, she figured out which props you’ll need, located the nearest drinking fountain and scoped out the fastest way to get to the showers before a line forms after class.

The kind who says, “Do I have to?”

This friend needs your help getting to the gym more than you need hers and it’s good for you to be that motivational force every once in a while. You send this friend a text an hour before your class starts to remind her to do whatever it is she needs to do to get there – send that last email, pack the kids up for the sitter or simply to get out of bed. She’s not always going to make it, but when she shows up, she truly appreciates you.

The kind who says, “How much wine does this mean we can drink?”

This friend encourages you not to take yourself so seriously, but she’s there to get in a serious workout by your side. She cracks jokes when you’re least expecting it and she appreciates a life of “moderation” that calls for a night out every once is a while. She’s the person who uses her Nike Fuel Band to estimate how many calories she has left over for a cocktail. This is always the friend you should call for a workout on a Saturday that’s followed by brunch.


1 Workout Buddies You need
A workout buddy you can't live without....
The kind who says, “How much wine does this mean we can drink?”


What type of friends do you pull into your support system? 

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