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Photo Credit: USA Today

When Misao Okawa was born in 1898, Queen Victoria was still on the throne and it would be five years before the Wright brothers would take their first flight. When she died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday, the world was anxiously awaiting the birth of Queen Victoria's 5-times great-grandchild, and planning to send astronauts to Mars.  

As long of a life as that may seem to us, Okawa described her life as "rather short." In her 117 years, Okawa was married once, and bore three children (two of which are in alive and in their 90s).When asked about the secret to her longevity, she told the AP, "I wonder about that too." 

To celebrate Okawa's life here are four lesson that we all can learn from her.   

1. There's always time to get your stretches in. 

According to USA Today, Okawa was still making sure to do her leg squats at the age of 102. 

2. Enjoy the simple things in life.

Okawa always enjoyed mackerel sushi and udon noodles for dinner. 

3. Catch some Z's . 

Okawa knew the importance of a good night sleep and according to her nursing home staff, she got eight hours every night. "Eat and sleep and you will live a long time," she told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

4. Always leave room for Birthday cake. 

When Okawa celebrated her 117th birthday in March she made sure to really celebrate it. According to an employee at the nursing home where she lived, "She had eaten a lot of cake for her birthday." During her birthday party she was quoted as saying she was "very happy" to be her age. 

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