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THE-ZERO-SCALE-MOMTALK-MINUTE-VIDEOThe Zero Scale is your new best friend.

I absolutely must introduce you to the most amazing thing: it's called the Zero Scale and ladies, it is a work of genius. Here's what it is and how it works.

The Zero Scale allows you to track your weight loss (or gain) without having to see your actual weight. Amazing, right? If you (like me, and so many other women) are often deterred from starting a weight loss program because you get too freaked out and overwhelmed by the number on the scale, this is the scale for you.

When you first use the Zero Scale, you tap on a number from one to four, to set up your own personal, private weight account, so to speak. You step on the scale and it secretly records your weight. Voila, that's it.

The next time you get on the scale, it will display the number of days since your last weigh in, plus the amount you've lost or gained. It then displays the total number of days since you started using it and your cumulative weight loss or gain.

How could any woman not love this? 

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