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Photo Credit: The Salvation Army

Remember that dress? The blue and gold one that played tricks on the eyes? Well, it's now being used in an anti-violence campaign designed to stop abuse against women.

In a campaign that went viral on social media, a female lies on her side with cuts on her face and bruises on her legs. In the ad, she is wearing a white and gold version of the dress as the caption reads "Why is it so hard to see black and blue.”

"Firstly, we hope to raise awareness against the atrocity of women abuse," Carin A. Holmes, a spokeswoman for the Salvation Army, told NBC News on Friday. The idea was develop by a South African ad agency that introduced its concept to the Salvation Army.

"We were discussing how the dress has become a massive talking point around the world, but it was not saying anything," David Sutherland, an account director at the agency, told NBC News. "We tried to figure out a way in which we could leverage off of the popularity of THE dress and actually use it for good."

There are many opinions of the dress floating around the Internet. Some believe the dress and the advertisment created by the Salvation Army makes a huge impact in combating violence against women. Others believe it is a joke and a poor attempt at demanding change.

According to ABC News the company who created the dress, Roman Original, did know that #TheDress would set the Internet ablaze with other 11 million mentions in it's first day.

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