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Photo Credit: Makies

British toy maker MakieLab is putting a capital "S" in special needs. The toy maker has a 


Now kids with disabilities can feel less different with more diverse dolls that mirror their experiences. A British toy maker is designing a line of dolls that come with facial birthmarks, walking canes, glasses and hearing aids depending on the customer's preference.

The "Makies," which are made through 3-D printers, have already been met with very positive reactions from happy parents. Since the release, the company has been working through countless requests to figure out what other popular features to include. Wheelchairs are expected to become available soon. 

While the one-of-a-kind dolls retail for $108, expect other toy makers to jump on the bandwagon soon. The company has already urged Mattel, Hasbro and MGA to follow suit. 

What do you think of the Makies? Do you want to see more dolls like this on the toy market? 

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