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things-you-should-never-use-past-their-expiration-dateThere may be some foods you could use a few days after its expiration dates but others, like dairy products or leafy greens, can actually be dangerous to your health if eaten past their expiration date. If you have these items in your fridge now, check the date to keep you and your family healthy. 

Mixed greens: Mixed green and bags of salad should be enjoyed fresh but once they past their expiration date, toss it. Although they may be washed, they may not be properly washed so bacteria associated with poor sanitation is possible. Past their expiration date, these greens will get dark and slimy. 

Berries: Expired berries can carry a parasite called cyclospora. Make sure to always wash these berries before eating.

Deli meat: Deli meat will develop a foul smell and become slimy when it’s very expired so make sure to toss it before it gets to that point. Even in cold temperatures like your fridge, it can grow bacteria like listeria. 

Eggs: It may not be as likely for the inside of the egg to have bacteria but the shell can carry a lot of bacteria once past its expiration date. Toss them or make hard-boiled eggs. 

Ground meat: Eating ground meat past its expiration date is dangerous since it’s handled through the grinding process. 

Soft cheeses: Be careful with expired soft cheese, especially those made with unpasteurized milk, it can be contaminated with listeria. 

Raw chicken: You already know to be cautious when cooking and handling raw chicken but you also need to be aware of the expiration date for the food. Consumer Reports did a test of 300 store-bought chicken breasts for bacteria. 97 percent of the chicken breasts were contaminated, so be careful how and where you get your chicken. 

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