katvondCheck out these trends in tattooing before going under the needle.

In 2010, the Pew Research Center found that a third of Americans age 18 to 25 have a tattoo, and about 40 percent of Americans ages 26 to 40 have at least one. While technology for tattooing has changed little since its introduction into mainstream culture, new trends in tattooing are always on the rise.

Today, it seems that tattooing is no longer an act of rebellion, but rather a sign self-identification. With celebrity influence from stars like Rihanna, David Beckham and Amy Winehouse the trend has spread from the stars to the public, making them tattoos more socially acceptable.

Popular television shows have also contributed to the rise of people getting ink. Some include:

  • Miami Ink
  • LA Ink
  • Inked
  • Ink Master
  • America's Worst Tattoos

Popular Trends in Tattooing

In the 1980's it was the tribal arm bands. In the 1990's it was the 'tramp stamp.' Today, it's all about thin, delicate lines in unique spots.


Getting tattooed on your hands used to be reserved for prison inmates and hardcore punkers. In Sept. 2013, David Beckham sported his devotion for his wife by getting “Victoria” tattooed on his left hand.

But not all hand tattoos have to large portions of skin or use up all ten knuckles like Beckham. Instead, designs like owls, keyholes, hearts and skulls can grace a a single knuckle or can be hidden between two fingers.

thinking-of-inking-2White Ink

Another overwhelming trend in the tattoo industry is white ink. This trend works to provide a subtle and private statement while catering to those who don't work in tattoo-friendly fields. Additionally, while colors like red and black are nearly impossible to remove from skin, white ink can be lazered off with ease.

However, white ink has a tendency to fade quickly and if done wrong can look an organized outbreak of skin disease or acne. It's also harder to find artists who are willing to do white ink tattoos since the results of the ink is not guaranteed.

Cuticle Tattoos

Since women have been decorating their hands with henna tattoos for centuries, it's obvious the art of cuticle tattooing was next. With temporary decals specially designed for skin, women (and men) can do just that.

The cuticle tattoo works to add a hint of detail to painted nails or clear coating. Since it is temporary, it's safe for pregnant mothers and children to use. Simply add a drop of water to the skin, press firmly and watch it accentuate the finger nails for up to twelve hours.

Before getting tattooed, make sure to search the area for a reputable shop or artist. Not only will this ensure the quality of your tattoo, it will almost guarantee a positive experience that will have you itching for more ink.

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