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Third Trimester of Pregnancy Discomfort

Congratulations!  Hang in there!  Isn't that baby out yet?  When ARE you due?  So is it a boy or a girl?  You look like you are carrying a balloon under there!  WHEN are you due?  So, what are you gonna name it?  When are YOU due?  So, is that twins or is it triplets?  Good grief girl, when are you DUE?

You know that you will soon have your gorgeous baby in your arms. So maybe you can get through the hot sticky summer with this belly.   You'll have time to rest then...yeah sure you will!   NOT!

The third trimester, baby is so close and yet so far away.  You have one focus and time does seem to stand still.  But your tummy does not.  What can you expect during the last three months before your baby comes?

Heartburn and Nausea in the third trimester

This little beauty that showed up earlier often culminating in morning sickness doesn't usually appear much except as a symptom of something more serious, like toxemia or pre-eclampsia.  So don't brush it off.  Check in with your health care provider.  Other symptoms and warning signs of potential problems may include and are not limited to:

  • Swelling of your ankles or feet that persists despite 12 hours of rest
  • Sudden swelling of your face or hands
  • 4 - 5 lbs weight gain in a week
  • An abrupt increase in your blood pressure
  • Protein in your urine (simple blood tests can measure this, a very serious condition)
  • Relentless unusual headaches
  • Seeing spots or having blurred vision
  • Strong pain across either your stomach or underneath your ribs
  • Sudden lessening of need to constantly urinate

If any of these or several of them occur, don't waste any time contacting your doctor or visiting ER if they come on suddenly.  They may herald a serious condition that needs immediate medical attention.  Your doctor may advise plenty of bed rest and even hospitalization in more severe cases of pre-eclampsia otherwise known as toxemia.

Third trimester heartburn

This is one of the most common discomforts experienced during this stage and is expected as the baby is pushing up on your stomach which is often very uncomfortable. Eating several smaller meals rather than large main ones as well as avoiding spicy foods and high caffeine drinks can lessen the occurrence of third trimester heartburn. Lying on your left side when resting also can ease any discomfort. It is wise to check with your GP before taking any over-the-counter medications that relieve heartburn.

Swollen Feet And Hands

Many women experience swollen feet making walking difficult but don't be alarmed as all that is usually needed some time resting with your feet up. Likewise your hands and fingers may swell, so make sure that rings aren't too tight.  If other symptoms are also present that may indicate toxemia, do see your doctor.

If you have a problem with swollen feet, do not be alarmed. Many women experience this, and it can really make walking uncomfortable. Try to stay off your feet and elevate them several times a day. You may also experience swollen hands as well, so be sure to remove rings that might not come off without cutting through them.

Urinary Frequency

This would have to be the most annoying problem as it seems that pregnant women always have to use the bathroom. Not surprising with the added pressure the developing baby puts on the expectant mothers organs!  Poor little bladder has less room to function in.  As if having to go to the bathroom one hundred times a day, well it seems that often...isn't enough; all that pressure is also likely to cause a backache as well!

Sleeplessness and Insomnia

Poor mom is too uncomfortable to sleep with a huge belly to contend with, but luckily she will often start nesting in this stage, obsessed with preparing for baby as well.  She may sleep for fewer hours at a time but at more intervals.  Naps are strongly advised.

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