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Photo Credit: Metaverse Nails 

The nail salon has gone digital...kind of. A new nail line from Metaverse Nails has debuted a digital take on nail art. No longer are you sitting in the nail salon for hours for a 3D manicure just to mess them up when you leave. Now you can simple stick on some decorative stickers and use an app to make them moveable 3D.

So first things first, these are not the everyday press-on nails. Sold only through Metaverse Nails on their online shop, which ships from Hong Kong and Melbourne, the only nail stickers that will work on the app are from the store. The price of these eye-catching stickers range between $22.50 and $34.50 and are prone to selling out. Although it’s a small selection, the design of the nail options is beyond adorable. Metaverse offers animated Bo Peep and Princess Fantasy options alongside some neon leopard print stickers. We are seriously digging the neon leopard.


Photo Credit: Metaverse Nails

The 3D part is only through the app, so sadly you can’t have smiley faces on your nails in real life. However, we all know how messy and dirty 3D nails can get, so using stickers and an app is a much more hygienic option.

Once your package arrives, using them is super easy. First, simply peel and stick them on your nails in your favorite print. 


Photo Credit: Metaverse Nails

Next, open the app and scan your nails with your phone.


Photo Credit: Metaverse Nails

And once the app recognizes your nails, you can watch the 3D art go!

Giph via Metaverse Nails

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