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This Is The End Of Legos As You Know Them

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We've got some bittersweet news. It's the end of an era for the world's largest toy company. The Lego Group has announced that it plans to start making its LEGO bricks with completely sustainable materials instead of plastic by 2030, and their money is clearly where their mouth is. The corporate giant has invested about $150 million and taken on 100 specialists to find a suitable alternative to the plastic LEGO bricks we all grew up with. 

The Lego Group uses 6,000 tons of plastic every year to make LEGO bricks.

Since 1963, the iconic toys have been made with a plastic called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Last year 60 billion LEGO pieces were manufactured using 6,000 tons of plastic.

Part of the $150 million investment is going towards a Lego Sustainable Materials Centre. The Lego Group is returning to its roots by opening the center in Denmark, the site of its original plant. 

In a statement, Lego Group owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansenchange said the move is in line with the company's “continued ambition to leave a positive impact on the planet, which future generations will inherit."

4965585612 122aca6014 bPhoto Credit: Flickr

Every second, seven Lego sets are sold. 

The beloved toy company has previously shown its green side by making its packaging more eco-friendly and investing in an offshore wind farm, but this is the first time they are focusing on the toy itself.

It's hard for us to accept that our kids and grandkids will be playing with different legos than we grew up with, but we applaud the company's efforts to reduce its impact on the environment.

 You can stack the existing number of Lego bricks from the earth to the moon... 10 times!  

The Lego Group, which is one of the oldest plastic toy companies in the world, claims that 90 percent of its carbon footprint actually comes from refining and extracting the plastic! We'll be curious to see what the new material is.

As we're feeling nostalgic about the end of the plastic blocks we grew up with, it's important to remember that the original LEGO pieces from 1958 were made out of wood and the company is constantly innovating. 

Legoland-Water-Park-Malaysia-1Like...  aLEGOLAND and waterpark in one? Why not!

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