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There is no way this video won't make you want to get up and shake what your mamma gave ya'!

Sport England, an organization that provides funding for athletic activities in the UK, launched a campaign in early January called "This Girl Can"... and we could not be more in love and inspired. 

Sport England found that 75 percent of women wish to be more active, and they are ready to change that number. The fear of judgment was one of the highest reasons people were not as active. 

Women may worry about not looking good while working out, being the wrong size, and not being skilled enough to engage in the activities. However, these things should not hold any female back from getting her fitness on and the "This Girl Can" campaign is here to make sure of that. 

The campaign released a 90 second promotional video with woman of all shapes and sizes being active in their favorite sports.

"I jiggle, there for I am" is one of the humorous but inspiring slogans shown in the video. 

Watch, be inspired and forward along to a fellow woman who would appreciate:

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