Who knew gray hair could be so hot?! 

When you think of spotting a gray hair, what do you think of? Do you want to snatch it out or dye more strands of yours to embrace it? Many women find themselves straying away from their natural grays. Model and actress Cheeno Grey, is showing us how naturally beautiful this shade of hair can be.  

Going gray is not a decision everyone makes confidently and so young but Cheeno Grey did. Kelly Osbourne's smoky strands were inspiration for Grey and she soon went through the full process of dying her hair and extensions to the gray of her liking. 



She keeps her mane shiny and gray, swearing by a hair care routine that includes dying and a Keratin conditioner.

What makes Grey's gray mane stand out is how she accentuates her tresses by pairing bold colored lipsticks with natural makeup and flawless foundation. Her hair is also colorfully gray with about four different shades.



Want to get the same look? Finding a gray that suits you is the first step in making this color transformation. Also, staying true to your natural style and not being afraid to be vibrant with something so monotone as gray hair will keep your look fresh.

Whether you’re all natural or go for perms or extensions, you can go gray. Grey’s advice to anyone wanting to venture out into the gray area (sorry, had to use that one) is just to do it!

If you’re interested in trying this new hot and idiosyncratic trend, don’t let anyone tell you not to try it! 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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