Too many people are unhappy with how they look. Perfectly attractive men wish they had six packs and gorgeous, independent women probably have a list of things they’d change about their appearance in a heartbeat. But apparently that's not as true for Mexicans!

Out of all the countries in the world, Mexicans are the happiest with the way they look. Flaunt it, Mexico! The research group GfK recently conducted a large study of 27,000 people in 22 countries to determine which country is the happiest with their physical appearance. 

About 75 percent of Mexicans said they were happy with their appearance or are fairly satisfied with it. But not every country had the same killer confidence as Mexico. The unhappiest country was Japan. Thirty-eight percent said they are unhappy with what they see in the mirror. The study also determined that the British, Russians and South Koreans are also unhappy with their appearance. 

Here are some other countries that ranked in the confidence poll: 

  1. Mexico (74 percent) 
  2. Turkey (71 percent) 
  3. Ukraine and Brazil (65 percent)
  4. Spain (64 percent) 
  5. Germany and Argentina (62 percent) 
  6. U.S. (60 percent) 

As you would expect, teenagers involved in the poll were a bit more critical of themselves over the adults, as were woman over the men. Ask yourself, how do you like the way you look? Do you think, based on this survey, that your society's attitudes have anything to do with your individual perception? 

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