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It looks like there's yet another study that proves what we've known all along... men and women communicate differently!

In the email research study conducted by Yahoo Labs - the largest email study ever - more than 16 billion emails from 2 million users were analyzed for email length, the time it took to sent the email, and the ages and genders of the participants. 

The findings? Your male coworker might take longer to reply to your emails and when he does reply, his response might be short and seemingly blunt. On the other hand, your female peer might send you a faster response but her email will probably be wordier.

The study averaged 28 words and a response time of 28 minutes for men while women clocked in at a response time of 24 minutes with an average of 30 words.

Yahoo Labs also analyzed how age impacted people's response times and email lengths. No surprises here, adults 51 and older took longer to respond to emails with an average of 47 minutes to teens' 13 minutes. Teens also sent shorter replies, with an average of words to adults' 40 words.

Well, the next time your boss sends you a seemingly terse email, don't take offense! It might just be down to biology. 

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