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This-Kids-Lost-Stuffed-Animal-Went-On-An-Epic-AdventurePhoto Credit: Facebook

Parents, you might have experienced that horrible sinking feeling when you realize your kid has left his fuzzy best friend behind at the airport. You try to calm down your devastated little one while you make the calls and impatiently wait until they can be reunited.

In a story that pretty much fills your feel-good fuzzy feelings quota for the month, the airport staff at Tampa International Airport turned a bad situation into an opportunity for a sweet gesture by taking a young boy's lost buddy on a cute adventure around the airport!  

Six-year-old Owen Lake was "distraught" when he found out his beloved toy, a stuffed tiger named Hobbes, had been left behind in Florida while the family flew to Houston. After mom Amanda called the airport, they quickly located the stuffed animal tiger then went a step above and beyond the call of duty. 

Airport Operations Center manager Tony D’Aiuto came up with the brilliant idea of taking pictures of Hobbes going on a mini-adventure around the airport. Funny captions accompanied the cute pics of Hobbes getting into mischief with many airport employees or engaging in some employee tasks. 

Some of our favorite warm-feeling inducing pictures?

This-kids-stuffed-animal-2Photo Credit: Facebook

"Mmmm ... gelato at Carrabba's. Blood orange sounds pretty good."

Photo Credit: Facebook

"Hope my fur is non-flammable! Guess we'll find out."

This-Kids-Stuffed-Animal-4Photo Credit: Facebook

"Broken toilet at Airside E? We're on it!"

In Texas, Amanda was trying to reassure her son that Hobbes was fine, even telling him that his furry companion was on an adventure, which made the staff's kind actions even more meaningful. 

When the Lakes showed up at the airport's lost and found to get Hobbes, they were presented with a hardbound book documenting Hobbes' many adventures.

This-Kids-Stuffed-Animal-1Photo Credit: Facebook

"At last, Owen returns for me and I get to show him what I've been up to for the last five days. I had so much fun at TPA. Can't wait to come back!"

Looks like Owen was happy to be reunited with Hobbes and check out his travel photos!

“It was very, very sweet,” said Mom Amanda about the gesture. "We already told him over and over that Hobbes was on an adventure so it was nice to get back and show him that Hobbes really had been on an adventure."   

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