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this-mom-doesnt-workout-she-does-crossfitCrossFit is the ultimate workout for this Mom.

It’s almost here, ladies! Bathing suit season is right around the corner. Yet, for the first time in a long time, I’m actually not dreading summer. No, I’m not in the shape I was during high school gymnastics, nor my college cheerleading days.  Leotards and 11-inch long skirts are never going to happen again in this girl’s lifetime. But I am getting in the best shape of my mommyhood lifetime, and it's been a challenge with awesome rewards.

The "CrossFit Kool-Aid"

How did I do it?  I simply drank the “CrossFit Kool-Aid.”  I think I have, maybe once or twice before, mentioned that I CrossFit.  So, it’s about time I dedicate an entire post about my experience CrossFitting.

A year ago I was wondering what the heck is this CrossFit workout?  The official prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”  Loosely translated to mean every workout is crazy hard and different. Every workout tests your physical and mental limits. Every workout makes you a better athlete.  

When I joined, my baseline workout was downright pathetic.  Sure, I was recovering from abdominal surgery, but for years I had slacked off my exercise regimen after becoming a mom, making excuses and justifying them with Pop-Tarts.  I did step aerobics and Spinning, but I got bored and nothing stuck, except for those pesky mommy pounds.

With my gymnastics and cheer background, the combination of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, strength and conditioning of CrossFit was right up my alley, and I was excited to get started.  My goal wasn’t to become a world-class athlete, just to carry laundry baskets up and down the stairs without the need for Bengay.

this-mom-doesnt-workout-she-does-crossfit23, 2, 1, Go!


There are no mirrors nor meatheads to be found at CrossFit.  I was told to “check my ego at the door,” and focus on my personal best.  After 10 months of CrossFitting, I am still nervous before every workout.  I never know what to expect, which keeps me excited and less likely to get bored.  Some WODs (workout of the day) can be as short as seven minutes. Some are really long, but all leave me lying flat on the floor, thinking this pain hurts so good, and I love it.  Those endorphins kick in, and I'm proud of my accomplishment.

CrossFit isn’t just hard, it’s intense and can even be emotional.  Hero WODs are dedicated and named after fallen military and first responders.  The hardest WOD I ever did was 74 minutes of pure “OMG,” and praying to baby Jesus to get through it.  Running the Malibu Half Marathon felt like a breeze compared to this WOD.  I may have cried at one point, but I finished.  These Hero WODs always inspire me to give it my all to honor their namesake. 

The hardest part of CrossFit can actually be the process of just getting my body to the gym.  With trying to survive the terrible twos, the after-school witching hour and general chaos of my day as a Stay at Home Mom, a margarita and new episode of The Real Housewives is quite tempting.  I’m always cranky driving to CrossFit, but as soon as I step into the gym, I don’t think about anything but handstand pushups or perfecting my form for clean and jerks. Grocery lists disappear from my head for one hour during the day as I get to focus solely on me.

My muscles may be sore, my hands callused, and my shins bruised, yet I can’t wait to check today’s WOD.  Hi.  My name is Mollie, and I’m addicted to CrossFit.

For more on fitness and fashion, visit my website CanIWearThatToPlaygroup.com.

Photo Credit: Dan Sidebottom, CrossFit Northwest Tucson


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