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It’s not really something you expect to wake up to, to say the least. A Lamesa, Texas, high school principle and his wife were awoken at midnight Saturday night by a loud sound – which turned out to be a bull that had gotten in to the couple’s bedroom.

The bull veered into the Wiggins’ bathroom, where it stayed for 20 minutes before leaving their home. At that point, the Texan couple called 9-1-1 where they were met with skeptical law enforcement until they sent proof in pictures. The bull probably escaped from a nearby pasture before wandering into their home.

It might have been a shocking experience, but not one that will make the couple consider moving homes.

"We love where we're at; we love being in Lamesa, and it's going to take a whole lot more than a bull for us to want to go anywhere else," Chris Riggins told news station KCBD.

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