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This-Video-Of-A-Determined-Soldier-Who-Refuses-To-Give-Up-Will-Inspire-YouPhoto Credit: YouTube

Think you're having a hard day? You've got nothing on this determined soldier who refused to give up after a harrowing 12-mile ordeal.

Almost at the finish line, Army Capt. Sarah Cudd seemed to succumb to exhaustion and sank to her knees. The next moment, Cudd forced herself to her feet and continued for nine steps before falling again. Amid cheers from fellow soldiers, this soldier got back on her feet and continued until she passed the finish line.

The video of these last moments has gone viral and has been viewed over and over. See the inspiring video below.

Wow. Just wow. 

Cudd was completing the last part in a series of tests to be awarded the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge. She completed a rigorous course that is typically only passed by 25 percent of those who attempt it. Of the 45 other soldiers who started the course with Cudd, 80 percent were unable to make it. 

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