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An inspirational video calling for the end of judgmental parenting, aka "the mommy wars," has gone viral. Like its predecessor, the extremely popular "Sisterhood Of The Motherhood" commercial, "#EndMommyWars" works to establish empathy and compassion between moms from all walks of life. 

The video, which was directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade, shows seven different moms admitting that yes, they judge other moms for the parenting choices they make. We are swept into the lives of these women who are very different but who are all trying to get by and be the best moms possible. 

At the end of it all, the moms meet each other and confront their initial judgments of each other. Of course, mom struggles like breastfeeding are covered, but there's also lesser discussed topics like raising a cisgender baby or the emotional toll of miscarriages. 

Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us about it!

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