Braids, when done right, can look chic and like they took a lot more effort than they actually did. Plus they have the added bonus of making your daughter's hair stay put when she's being active during the summertime.  Try some of these cute braid ideas this summer for a style that's sure to last through the heat! 

Coronet Braids With A "Hair Bow" 

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This hairstyle works best for girls with long hair. Do two French braids on either side then secure with a hair tie. Next, make a bow by looping the remaining hair and "tying" it in the middle with a strand of hair. Secure everything with a hair tie and hide it by covering it with hair. 

Side Ponytail/Braid

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Instead of making a traditional French braid which goes down the middle, create this super easy hairstyle by making a French braid from the side. Finish off the cute look with a fun hair tie or bow. 

Wrap-Around Braid Updo

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This elegant hairdo is actually very simple. This style, which works best for long hair, can be achieved by creating three regular or fishtail braids and wrapping them around your daughter's head. Pin and secure. A few messy pieces make this updo extra pretty.

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