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I know it is important to work all muscles of the body...

Yet every time my trainer asks me if I have any special requests for workouts, the answer is always the same - abs, abs and more abs. Wanting to get the most effective ab workout possible, I asked owner of BODI fitness and Nike Master Trainer, Nikki Metzger, to show me three of the most effective ab moves to get that chiseled core. Here is what Nikki recommends.

Equipment: Medicine Ball (recommended weight 10-15 lbs)

TIP: Don't have a med ball? No worries! Grab a basketball or soccer ball and get to work!

1. Wall Ball Sit Up

Start laying on back with ball overhead, leading with your chest (not your neck) sit-up with a flat back and toss the ball as high as you can to the wall, catch and return to starting position.


2. Medicine Ball Pike Up

Start in a plank position with feet on the ball, shoulders, elbows, wrists all in line. Using your feet, roll the ball towards you, piking your butt up into the air and looking at your belly button, return to starting position. Make sure to not let the hips drop and think about pulling your bellybutton to spine. 


3. Russian Twist

Holding on to the ball, roll your shoulders back and over exaggerate sticking out your chest to keep a flat back. Lean back and pick up your feet and twist the ball side-to-side, looking behind you with each twist. 



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