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how-to-tell-if-someone-is-lyingWe all have an inner lie detector, but are we looking for the wrong signs? 

Whether it’s a vital situation or something extremely minimal, we have had moments when our inner gut tells us someone is not telling the truth. But often what we see as “evidence” such as wandering eyes or quick and short answers that we believe is an attempt to avoid discussing the topic, might not indicate that someone is lying.

In fact, looking at a person’s behavior only gives you 54-percent accuracy; you might as well just guess. Any nonverbal communication is not a reliable source in finding out if someone is telling the truth. Still, there are several points on the “how to tell if someone is lying” checklist that can determine what you want to know.

3 Key Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying

  1. Surprise them with a specific question they weren’t expecting to answer; one they would only be able to answer if they are telling the truth. 
  2. Don’t underestimate the details that you do know. They can be used to your advantage. 
  3. Look for soft spots. Are they extra compassionate or caring about something that could indicate deception? If so, what is their reason for caring so much?
    • To find these, you can look for what is called microexpressions or emotions that are displayed for less than a second.
    • Sudden change in their normal behavior is also another soft spot indicator. But still, this doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t telling the truth. They could be anxious or having emotional struggles with something completely unrelated. 


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