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Presented by Johnsonville


Are you bored of your go-to dinners but don't have the time (or mental space) to try to create something completely new? Every mom knows to keep classic recipes up her sleeve to make those weeknight mealtimes less stressful, but having the same dishes every week can make for repetitive dinners that the family grudgingly consumes. Get out of your food funk with these three ideas that will pump up your weeknight rotation with new, exciting flavors.

Change Your Proteins


The easiest (and quickest) way to tantalize your taste buds is by changing up the proteins in your dish. Has chicken with a side of pasta become the name of the game? Try this hearty Italian sausage rigatoni, which marries savory sweet Italian sausage with sweet red peppers and plenty of garlic flavor! Johnsonville has a great sweet Italian sausage, plus you can also choose from their regular Italian sausage, mild Italian sausage, or a zesty spicy variety depending on your taste preferences. Your family will scarf it down, and you've got yourself a new dinner staple! 

16980-three-ways-to-up-your-flavor-game-2Change Your Flavor

Are you tired of your go-to lemon and tomato basil sauces? Easily transform them without changing the integrity of your dish. Turn your tomato basil sauce into a creamy concoction with heavy whipping cream or cream cheese and add white wine, garlic and the broth of your choosing to a basic lemon sauce. Or take a leaf from many busy moms and just get the sauces already made! There are so many variations on a basic marinara and Alfredo (we've seen bacon and blue cheese, yum!) that your kids won't recognize the chicken recipe you've been recycling every week. Another great way to majorly change your flavor is by adding different kinds of milk like cashew, coconut or even almond milk for a creamy sauce with an unexpected but totally delicious nutty or sweet finish. 

Change Your Infusion

The biggest thing in the food game right now? Infused oils, butters and salts that easily pack a punch with flavor, and all the work has already been done for you! Herb-infused salts are great for Italian dishes, plus who would ever say no to garlic or cheese-infused butter or olive oil? Smoked salt is great for when you want that tailgate, grilled flavor, even in the colder months. For those who are a little more adventurous, try Sriracha salt for a salty take on your favorite hot sauce!



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