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Some children have trouble with the transition of getting back into the school spirit. Yet others have no problem. And, we're pretty sure that most mothers are ready for their children to go back to school!  So how do we get oue kids ready to go back to school? Starting school is inevitable, and a great way to get your child and his or her friends ready for school is to plan a back-to-school party. Here is how to do it!

How to Plan a Back-to-School Party

Your back to school party can be patterned after school itself. Create a "school schedule" for the party and organize the party according to "class periods."

1. Organize a Guest List and Send Invitations

Whether your child is inviting other children that attend his school or not, online invitations are a great idea. Be sure to include the details on the invitation, date, time, what to bring, where it is, etc.

2. Create a "Class Schedule"

Come up with activities the children can do in different areas of the place you pick to host the party. If it is your home, organize the classes in different rooms. One room could hold an "art" class, where the children could do a craft. Ideas for crafts could be making name tags to put on their backpacks, lockers, or lunchboxes. Get creative with this! 

Another class could be "library," where we have a "librarian" that reads a good story to the kids. The book could be a favorite of you kid's, or you could tell a funny story about them. Ring a bell to let the children know they need to finish up what they are doing and go onto the next "period" or activity.

3. Plan a "School Lunch"

Create a "lunch room" in your dining area and have the children line up so the "lunch ladies," (your older children or friends) can serve them healthy treats. Plastic trays can be purchased economically as well as milk or juice boxes.

4. Hand Out Party Favors that are School-Themed

When the final bell rings of the back to school party, send each student home with any item that is school-related, such as fun pencils, pens, notepads or notebooks. The children will leave excited for their first day of school!

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