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17771-backyard-bbq-chef-garvinThrowing a backyard BBQ for your friends and family is one of the best parts of summer, but sometimes while hosting we can get so wrapped up in creating the fun we forget to have some fun ourselves! Chef G. Garvin says it doesn't have to be that way. Trust us, this James-Beard-Award-winning chef who spent years getting things "perfect" in Ritz-Carlton kitchens knows what it means to make good food. If he says you can grill good food and still have a good time, we'll definitely listen. 

The host of "Road Trip with G. Garvin" on the Cooking Channel says the key is to plan ahead and go with a menu that pays with party favorites.

Chef Garvin's Grilling Tips:

17771-Chef-G-Garvin-PublicityPopular Things Are Popular For A Reason

Don't reinvent the wheel when the wheel works. Go with the grill standards - shrimp, chicken, ribs, hamburger and hot dogs. It is not the time to experiment with the main course.  

Too Hot Too Fast

Have two temperatures going on your grill. You need a hot, hot side to give your meats a good sear on the outside to hold in all of those yummy juices. The other side should be more warm than hot. This side is to finish the cooking process.

Don't Overthink It

Chef Garvin says people spend too much time overthinking it. Stressing over the menu and worrying over the plans. He says we all just need to write down our lists and plan out a cooking schedule and let it go. Being organized should relieve all of that worry. 

Have Some Fun

While the main courses should be pretty standard; when it comes to desserts and side dishes, you can try new things. Since these are often new additions to the traditional BBQ people are a little more willing to stretch their taste buds. Try Chef Garvin's no-bake mac and cheese with lobster or his donut bread pudding. Um, can we say a big "YES" to that!?!

Start Your Cooking Early

We mean early as in the day before! Chef Garvin suggests doing the heavy lifting the day before the party. If you are having shrimp, don't skewer them that day. Do those the day before so you don’t have to worry about them. The same goes for vegetables, chop those and have them ready to go.  Any prep work you can do should be done the day before so all you have to do is put things on the grill.

The More The Merrier 

Encourage people to bring food to the party. There is nothing wrong with turning your BBQ into a potluck so everybody is "working". Chef Garvin says "if everybody is eating, everybody should be working a little bit". Sounds good to us! 



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