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There are a lot of things we could thank our birth control for—better skin, less painful cramps, preventing STDs, shorter periods, and stopping unwanted pregnancies, of course. Each year on November 10, Lifestyles Condoms and online birth control support network Bedsider bring forth the hashtag #ThxBirthControl to raise awareness about more widespread use of birth control methods as well as to educate about safe sex. Here are some of our favorite social media responses from the empowering hashtag!

Education surrounding safe sex is a huge focus for our company and community, which is why we're eager to partner with Bedsider for their #ThxBirthControl campaign and to engage and educate consumers in a whole new way,” Carol Carrozza, Vice President of North American Marketing for Ansell, the makers of Lifestyle Condoms, said in a recent press release. “By partnering with an organization that shares our dedication to safe sex, we hope to raise awareness of becoming familiar with various methods and using birth control.”
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