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1tim-howard-soccer-goalie-heroHis stellar performance didn't go unnoticed by his fans on social media.

Tim Howard may not have been able to bring the U.S. to a win during Tuesday's World Cup match against Belgium, but he sure got attention in another big way.

The U.S. lost the match in a disappointing 2-1 defeat that ended their World Cup run in Round of 16, but Howard managed to steal the spotlight by making a record 16 saves in the game's 120 minutes.

By the end of the game, Howard's legendary performance had reached internet stardom sparking memes in his honor and the hashtag #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

Among the things Howard saves in the memes was swimmers from Jaws, dinosaurs, Blockbuster, the Titanic, and several others.





He even earned himself a new title as fan's proclaimed him the new U.S. Secretary of Defense.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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