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Each Thursday, our social feeds overflow with awkward prom pics and classic toys we collected... and hoped we'd make millions on by now. We do it all for the fun of sharing memories from way back when. 

When we share these memories, we like to make a claim for the ones that hit our decade or generation. The ‘90s kids versus the ‘80s kids versus the ‘70s kids - and on and on it goes.

Yet interestingly enough, much of the throwbacks we love are not ours to claim! See what we mean with our roundup of pop culture classics that are truly timeless!

Blue Jeans

You may be wondering, "How could blue jeans make the list?" Think about this: what was the most popular jean when you were young? OshKosh painter's jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein or True Religion, there have been so many we've pined after, bought and worn, then handed down to the next generation.

The names change but the idea of having that special pair of jeans has stayed the same. The trend of wearing them has never faded (well, maybe a little faded for some decades). 

See where your jeans fit in the timeline!


Tootsie Pops

Tootsie Pops’ age-old question “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?” is one we just can’t get out of our heads. And then there is the the classic wise Mr. Owl who tried to answer, but he just had to take a bite.


Each of us has our own Tootsie memories and those memories come flooding back as we watch the next generation crack into that hard coating, all so they can get to the good stuff. Tootsie Pops belong to each of us and somehow all of us at the same time.

Over the years, many have tried to surpass the biting temptation and find out the true number of licks. From engineers and licking machines to viral videos on YouTube, the endeavors to uncover the Tootsie Pop mystery may never end. That’s okay, because we don’t mind tasting them over and over again. It is all in the name of science!

Sesame Street

Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and Cookie Monster – so much nostalgia comes from reading those names. Sesame Street is the most iconic and longest-running American children’s TV series, consistently winning the hearts and minds of children and adults over the years.

INSERT VIDEO: Rubber Ducky Song

One reason why this show has worked so well over time? We’ve loved watching it at any age! Sesame Street for kids is what a variety show is for adults - fun characters, educational segments, plus a few timely songs and topics thrown in to keep it fresh.

INSERT VIDEO: Cookie Monster spoof of Jurassic Park, "Jurassic Cookie"

Now your favorite Sesame Street character may differ from that of your parents, or now even your kids. You may even have a difference of opinion on the best episode.

But we all love humming along to that song, “Can You Tell Me How To Get… How To Get To Sesame Street?”

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

One of the most classic debates of all time is Star Wars or Star Trek.

Maybe you can love both? Maybe… 


Whichever you chose though, it becomes a defining characteristic like where you were born, where you went college, and how many children you want to have.

Yes, it gets that serious -- and not just with serious sci-fi fans!

Just ask the "Star Wars or Star Trek" question at work tomorrow and see how intense the debates can get between everyone from the new intern to your CEO.

Rubik’s Cube

Originally called the Magic Cube, this brightly colored, perplexing puzzle is the world’s top-selling puzzle game, and considered to be the world’s best-selling toy.

The cube peaked in popularity in the ‘80s, being one of the best games parents could give to kids on a long road trip. Taking days to solve, if they ever did.

Today - not so slow! "Speedcubers" have come to conquer the six-sided cube, whizzing away to complete it in record time - the current champ has done it in 5.25 seconds – whoa!

INSERT VIDEO: Speedcuber Competition 

These pop culture classics and many more can be connections that cross generations. They lead not just to fun hashtags but truly meaningful conversations with your parents, grandparents, children and even grandchildren. There may be new clothes, trends and slang, but what is amazing is these timeless classics are loved no matter what your age.

So next time you’re playing with a Rubik’s cube or licking a Tootsie Pop while watching a rerun of Star Trek (or Star Wars), consider the fun revelation that there were people enjoying this decades before you and there will be people enjoying it decades after you. 

We’re all still debating how many licks it takes... the world may never know.

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