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tina-fey-explains-lack-of-women-in-late-night-headerWhy is it mostly men doing late night talk shows? Tina Fey has figured it out! 

As you’ll notice, it’s mostly men who do the late night talk shows but funny girl Tina Fey may have the answer! On Wednesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, the former 30 Rock star shared her idea on how switching up the dress code is "how women are going to break through in late-night!"

Tina Fey on Late Night TV 

"A lot of times these hosts get their jobs when they're like 35 or 40, and they keep them until they're 65," Fey said. "So I was like, if you're a lady, what do you wear?

The 43-year-old mom of two then said "Because if you go in like with a cocktail dress, and then you're 45, you're 50...and there's going to come a day when you go, 'I don't got it! Bring me the jacket!'"

Fey said that famed comedian DeGeneres may be the first woman to break through the mold since she’s already wearing jackets!

We agree Ellen would be a great break through to becoming late night’s first female talk show host. Who do you think could do it? 

Photo Credit: YouTube

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