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  • Tiny Home Decor Pieces For A Major Change

    Tiny Home Decor Pieces For A Major Change

    Updating your space doesn’t mean a pricey remodel or over-priced furniture. All it takes is some small, yet incredible home decor to brighten up your home abode. So say goodbye to moving heavy furniture or painting the entire room, and hello to some small home decor pieces that offer a big punch.



  • Aromax Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Aromax Aromatherapy Diffuser

    This small cone-shaped aromatherapy diffuser keeps your home smelling great without you ever needing to light a candle again.

    Photo Credit: Air-Aroma.com 

  • Turntable


    Sometimes the tiniest things can have the greatest punch. This boxed turntable can entertain both you and your friends while adding some color to your room. 

    Photo Credit: Modcloth.com

  • Rose Scatter

    Rose Scatter

    Scatter these decorative roses on unused ledges for an additional feminine touch. 

    Photo Credit: SurLaTable.com

  • Laundry Bag

    Laundry Bag

    Even your drab laundry can get glam with this spotted bag!

    Photo Credit: KateSpade.com

  • Pendant Light

    Pendant Light

    Although this pendant light is small, its modern design gives a lot of impact to any space.

    Photo Credit: ABCHome.com

  • Wall Decor Set

    Wall Decor Set

    Are your walls feeling a little flat? Add some depth with three-dimensional wall decor. 

    Photo Credit: UrbanOutfitters.com

  • Ceramic Bowl

    Ceramic Bowl

    This rustic accent is perfect for storing any stray pens.

    Photo Credit: Target.com

  • Wild Heart Bust

    Wild Heart Bust

    Add some quirkiness to your home with these adorablye stuffed animal busts. 

    Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

  • Victorian Iron Umbrella Stand

    Victorian Iron Umbrella Stand

    Store your wet umbrellas in an iron cast stand that will last for years. 

    Photo Credit: RestorationHardware.com

  • iPad Stand

    iPad Stand

    Amplify your favorite song, podcast or ebook with this unique rustic take on the standard iPad stand. 

    Photo Credit: Yohann.com

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